2019-2020 Student Handbook 
    Feb 05, 2023  
2019-2020 Student Handbook [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Services for Students






Academic Advising


Academic advisors help you reach your educational goals by providing information, encouragement, and the necessary resources to help you enhance your college experience. They will provide an academic program plan to guide the advising conversation.

Advising services are offered on the Battle Creek campus and on designated days at the Eastern Academic, Fehsenfeld and Grahl Centers.

Academic Advisor - Student Expectations

Academic Advisors assist students:

  • Interpret placement-testing scores
  • Obtain information about academic programs at KCC
  • Understand the registration process including drop/add/withdraw
  • Select appropriate courses
  • Understand graduation requirements
  • Navigate the transfer process
  • Understand Michigan Transfer Agreement requirements
  • Understand how to read and interpret an Academic Evaluation as a resource to select courses
  • Interpret the KCC Catalog and explain College policies and procedures as outlined in the Student Handbook
  • Seek the appropriate college resources

Students are expected to:

  • Be familiar with and adhere to KCC policies, procedures, requirements, and deadlines
  • Fulfill the required advising session with your assigned academic advisor that equips you with available resources to help you successfully complete your academic goals
  • Come prepared to your meeting to ask questions as well as discuss any academic difficulties and program/career changes
  • Recognize that academic advisors are an important source of information and carefully consider their advice regarding opportunities and/or resources that may enhance your educational experience
  • Monitor academic progress in individual courses and understand graduation requirements to ensure that your educational and career goals are being met
  • Accept responsibility for all decisions and actions made at KCC

Academic Support

The Bridge


The Bridge is devoted to enhancing student success, persistence, and retention. Located on the upper level of the Ohm Information Technology Center, our facility offers computer stations, tables for group work, and comfortable chairs to read and study.

The Bridge provides opportunities to utilize tutoring assistance. Students can drop-in to receive professional tutoring in most subject matter or program areas, such as anatomy and physiology, business statistics, biology, chemistry, computers, English, mathematics, reading, study skills, and writing. Experienced tutors will help students with homework assignments, research papers, and other projects. Academic make-up and online testing can also be found in The Bridge. Tests can be conveniently scheduled by visiting The Bridge. Testing support includes make-up, online, and academic department credit by exams.



Selective Admissions (Allied Health and Nursing Programs)

KCC offers five Selective Admission programs:

  • Dental Hygiene
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging
  • Nursing
  • Physical Therapist Assistant
  • Radiography

To apply to a selective admissions program, follow these steps in order:

  1. Meet with an Academic Advisor to review admission requirements
  2. Complete admission requirements
  3. Submit a formal Selective Admissions Application to the Admissions office

Allied Health and Nursing Admission Appeals

Questions concerning Nursing and Allied Health selective admission decisions should be directed to the Admissions office. If a satisfactory solution to the questions cannot be reached, you may submit a written appeal to:

Selective Admissions Appeal Committee
c/o Admissions Director
Kellogg Community College
450 North Avenue
Battle Creek, MI 49017-3397

The appeal committee will convene and a decision regarding the status of your appeal will be sent to you via U.S. Postal Service.

Bruin Portal

The Bruin Portal provides a gateway to a suite of commonly used services for students. From the Portal you can access:

  • The KCC Self-Service Center, including registration, financial and grade information
  • KCC email account
  • Notices of KCC news and events
  • Links to other KCC online resources, including course management systems, library and alert notification system
  • e-Check refund - sign up to receive refunds by direct deposit - for further information, contact the Business Office at 269-965-4140

Your login to the Bruin Portal will be provided in your KCC admissions letter. Your KCC email account will be established after you register for classes or file the FAFSA for financial aid.

Access to the Bruin Portal is achieved by clicking the Bruin Portal Login button on the College home page, www.kellogg.edu. Instructions on the use of the Bruin Portal are available within the Bruin Portal.

Career and Employment Services (CES)


The Career and Employment Services (CES) office specializes in preparing students for employment and careers with a focus on job development, résumé and cover letter writing, navigating job search and application systems, utilizing social media for job search purposes, and hosting specialized recruiting and hiring events.

CES can provide students with customized data regarding employment outlook, salary information, hiring trends, and employer hiring reports.

Students are encouraged to register at www.collegecentral.com/kellogg to access available jobs both on-campus and off-campus, including work-study, internships, seasonal, full-time, and part-time positions.

For students that are undecided on academic programs or occupational areas, CES encourages students to complete the Focus®2 assessment, which will provide insight on work interests, leisure interests, personality, values, and skills. Focus®2 can be found at http://www.kellogg.edu/services/ces/cesstudents/careers/. Assessment results can be reviewed with career advising staff.

Appointments can be made by phone at 269-565-2637 or by email at jobhelp@kellogg.edu.

College Closing-Weather and Emergency-Related Conditions

It is the policy of KCC to hold regular classes on all scheduled days. If an emergency develops requiring KCC to close and/or cancel classes, you may receive this information via email or text, the KCC website at www.kellogg.edu, and from local television and radio stations.

  • Sign-up for KCC closing and emergency email and text messages in the Bruin Portal “KCC Alert Notification”
  • Detailed information about the KCC Closing Policy is found in the Bruin Portal

Complaint Process

Grade Appeals

Students concerned about their grades must first discuss their concern with the instructor. If the instructor is unavailable or the matter is not resolved, the student may contact the Chair/Director of the department/program. Finally, if the matter is still not resolved, the student may contact the Dean of the division. The Dean’s decision is final in matters pertaining to grading.

Non-Grade Complaints

Students with concerns not related to grading may issue a formal complaint. Before initiating the formal complaint process, students are first expected to meet with the initial decision-maker and/or head of the department involved to attempt to resolve issues in an informal manner. If the complaint is not resolved at the informal meeting, the following complaint process is to be followed:

  • The student files a written complaint with the next-level supervisor within ten (10) business days from the date of the alleged decision.
  • The next-level supervisor, or Dean of the division, will investigate and attempt to resolve the complaint.
  • Written notice of the decision, based on the results of the investigation, will be sent to the student. Any administrative action is not public information, except when disclosure is compelled by law, and will not be included in the written notice.
  • If the decision in the written notice is unsatisfactory to the student, the student may appeal to the appropriate Vice President within ten (10) business days.
  • The Vice President will render a final decision.

Refund Appeals

The Academic and Refund Appeals Form is available online at http://www.kellogg.edu/admissions/registrar/refund-policy/. The written appeal must be submitted within one (1) year of the occurrence.

An appeal may be submitted for the following reasons:

  • Your induction into or deployment for services in the U.S. military.
  • Death of an immediate family member (parent, child, spouse, life partner, sibling or grandparent).
  • A documented medical emergency, including a one-time appeal based on a documented health condition.

The Academic Appeals Committee will respond in writing within 30 business days of receipt of the appeal, barring exigent circumstances.

This Academic and Refund Appeals section does not address discrimination, harassment, sexual harassment or violence/threat of violence complaints. For complaint procedures refer to the following section Sex/Gender-Based Harassment, Discrimination and Sexual Misconduct Policy (Title IX).



Kellogg Community College counselors provide short-term counseling services for current and prospective KCC students. Counselors will work with students to assess their needs in order to progress toward meeting their educational goal(s). This includes assessment, goal planning, and referral to outside sources. This may also include support for students’ treatment plans from outside service providers.

Disability Services


The Support Services department is responsible for the coordination of services for students with disabilities. Students must voluntarily identify themselves and make arrangements to supply the department with appropriate documentation in accordance with the Americans With Disabilities Act and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, documentation must attest to a disability that limits a major life activity. Requests for reasonable accommodations will be determined through an interactive process with the student and will include a review of the documentation provided by a licensed professional with specific knowledge of both the individual and the disability. Appropriate documentation includes: diagnosis, method of diagnosis, how the disability affects one or more major life functions and recommendations for academic accommodations in a college setting. Accommodations will not include changes to overall academic requirements. The same standards for mastery of skills or information are applied to students with or without disabilities. Students may contact the Support Services department at 269-965-4150 or email supportservices@kellogg.edu. For additional information regarding disability services visit the Disability Services page at http://www.kellogg.edu/services/student-support-services/disability-services/.

Enrollment Verification

You may request a document to verify your enrollment at Kellogg Community College via the web at www.kellogg.edu through the Bruin Portal; or by submitting a request to the Registrar’s office at the Battle Creek campus, or at the Eastern Academic, Fehsenfeld, and Grahl Centers.


To graduate from Kellogg Community College with a degree or certificate, be sure you have the correct program code in the KCC student information system. You begin the process by verifying your program code through your Bruin Portal account for each degree and/or certificate you are applying for. Under “Academic Profile,” view the “Change Academic Program Code” option. If your program code(s) of study is not listed, please contact the Registrar’s office at 269-965-4129 for assistance.

You must complete an Application for Graduation form for each degree or certificate you are applying for. The form is available online through your Bruin Portal account, at the Registrar’s office, or any KCC registration location. You will be awarded one free diploma for each KCC certificate/degree. Additional copies of the same KCC certificate/degree may be purchased.

Applications for graduation are accepted during the following dates:

  • Fall Semester Graduation: April 1 - December 1
  • Spring Semester Graduation: September 1 - March 1
  • Summer Semester Graduation: January 1 - July 1*

*If you are applying for graduation in the summer and want to participate in the May commencement ceremony, your deadline to apply for graduation is March 1.

Graduation applications received after the application period closes may be accepted as late applications and may be assessed a non-refundable late application fee. If you submit a late graduation application, the processing of your application will be delayed and you will be notified by the Registrar’s office as soon as possible regarding your eligibility for graduation.

Graduation Audit

All coursework must be completed by the end of the semester, including completion of “I” (Incomplete) grades and transfer credits from other institutions. Final grades and any program-related forms must be submitted for you to graduate. Your application for graduation is considered incomplete if this does not occur. Incomplete applications will be moved to the next semester. If at the end of the next semester your application is still incomplete, you will need to reapply for graduation in a future semester.

When your application for graduation is complete, a review of your academic record will be conducted by the Registrar’s office to determine if graduation requirements have been met. The audit results will be sent to your KCC email account.

The graduation requirements of the catalog in effect the year you started taking courses at KCC, or any later catalog, may be used to audit your academic record for degree or certificate completion. No catalog will be used which was issued more than five years prior to your year of graduation.

An opportunity for you to order a printed diploma or certificate will be provided during the final graduation audit. You will also receive information on participating in the KCC commencement ceremony held annually in May.

Students are encouraged to work closely with a KCC academic advisor to ensure that course selections fulfill program and curriculum requirements.

Graduation with Honors

Students who have fulfilled the requirements for an associate degree and have earned a cumulative grade point average of 3.00 or higher will be graduated with honors as follows:

Summa Cum Laude 3.90-4.00 Highest Honors
Magna Cum Laude 3.50-3.89 High Honors
Cum Laude 3.00-3.49 Honors

The appropriate honors designation will be included on the student’s academic record and diploma.

Commencement Ceremony

Commencement is held in May. You will receive information regarding graduation activities, ordering a cap, gown, and diploma through your KCC email account in February.

Certificate programs of fewer than sixteen (16) credit hours are not eligible for participation in the commencement ceremony.

Submitting a late application for graduation could result in your inability to participate in the commencement ceremony and/or having your name publicized in the commencement program.

Miller Gym

The Miller Gym is located on the Battle Creek campus and has the following indoor and outdoor recreational facilities:

  • Three basketball courts - one full-length basketball court/two side courts
  • One wellness center (weights, stationary bikes, treadmills, and exercise equipment)
  • Two volleyball courts
  • Seven tennis courts
  • Two pickleball courts
  • One aerobic training area
  • One mile jogging/walking/running trail around Spring Lake

All registered students with a current, validated KCC student ID are encouraged to make use of the facilities for open recreation. An open recreation schedule is found at http://www.kellogg.edu/athletics/ and posted inside the main entrance to the Miller Gym with weekly schedules posted outside each facility area. The open recreation schedule is subject to change whenever conflicts occur with scheduled classes, athletic events, or special event usage.

Equipment for recreational activities may be checked out, with valid KCC student ID, from the Issue Room. If any equipment is lost, damaged, or destroyed, you will be expected to replace the item(s).

Registration and Schedule Adjustments

You may register for classes online using the Bruin Portal, or in person with picture ID at any KCC registration location. Specific dates and times of registration are published at www.kellogg.edu.

Registration opens:

  • Fall Semester - June
  • Spring Semester - October
  • Summer Semester - April

Current course schedule information is found in the Bruin Portal. KCC reserves the right to change and cancel course offerings during the registration period.

If you have not fulfilled the prerequisites for any course in which you have enrolled, you may be dropped from the course without course or grade entry on your permanent academic record.

KCC reserves the right to deny your registration if you have a financial hold on your account or a violation of the Student Code of Conduct which prohibits registration.

Note: Financial aid recipients should check with the Financial Aid office prior to making any schedule changes after classes begin.

Course Section Waitlist

Students may add their name to a course section waitlist when a section is full. When a seat becomes available, an email (KCC email account) is sent to the first student on the waitlist along with information on the deadline for the student to register for the course. If the deadline passes and the student does not register, their name is removed from the waitlist.

  • A student on the waitlist is not guaranteed registration in the course.
  • Once notified of an open seat, it is the student’s responsibility to register for the course either in person or through Student Self-Service.
  • All prerequisites must be met to register for the course.
  • If the student no longer wishes to be on the waitlist, they can remove themselves through Student Self-Service.
  • Tuition/fee charges for waitlisted courses will appear in the student’s account after the registration is complete.
  • The opportunity to waitlist ends one week prior to the start of each semester.
  • Review the schedule of classes on the website, as additional course sections may be added.

Note: Not all course sections have a waitlist option.


A schedule adjustment period is provided for students who have registered and find it necessary to revise their course selections. Schedule adjustments must be made within the time limits established by the College. For information on dropping a course with a refund, see the Tuition Refund Policy section.

Automated Drop

A student who has not fulfilled the prerequisites for the course in which they have enrolled, and does not have a prerequisite override in the system, will automatically be dropped from their enrolled course. For this purpose, no course or grade entry will be made on the student’s permanent academic record and tuition and fees will be refunded.

An instructor-initiated drop must be processed prior to the drop deadline for the course. It is the instructor’s responsibility to inform the student of the course drop.

Course Cancellations

The College reserves the right to cancel courses before, during, or at the conclusion of the registration period.

Auditing a Course

You may audit a class for enjoyment, personal exploration, gaining insight into a new subject, or for other reasons. Auditing students are expected to participate in the class by attending and completing all assignments. Those who do not wish to complete these assignments may be required to develop an “audit contract” with the course instructor. Audited courses receive no academic credit and therefore do not apply towards graduation requirements, financial aid eligibility, or athletic team eligibility. See the Grade of “X” (Audit) section for more details.


Withdrawals may be processed for single courses or as a complete withdrawal from college.

You may process withdrawals in the Bruin Portal or by submitting a withdrawal form to the Registrar’s office, the Eastern Academic Center, Grahl Center, Fehsenfeld Center, or the Regional Manufacturing Technology Center office. If you need assistance with withdrawing, you can contact an academic advisor.

Course Withdrawal

You may withdraw from a course after the drop/refund period and prior to seven-eighths (7/8) of the duration of the course. Withdrawing will generate a grade of “W” (Withdrawal) on your academic record for each course withdrawal. Tuition and fees are not refunded when you withdraw from a course.

If you withdraw during the final one-eighth (1/8) of the duration of a course, a grade of “F” will be entered on your academic record for each course withdrawal. If you stop attending a course and do not formally withdraw, the instructor will assign a final grade based upon progress toward completion of course objectives.

Withdrawal from College

Withdrawal from college is defined as the student’s formal withdrawal from all courses currently in progress.

Any currently enrolled student who is called for active military duty shall be dropped from all uncompleted courses without a grade and will be granted a refund of all tuition and fees paid upon receipt of a copy of active duty military orders to the Registrar’s office.

Administratively Initiated Withdrawals

You may be administratively withdrawn from any course:

  • When it has been determined by the instructor that excessive absence has prohibited the successful completion of the course.
  • When it has been determined by the Business office that you have not fulfilled tuition and fee obligations to the College.
  • As a sanction resulting from your violation of the Student Code of Conduct.
  • Due to persistent and/or severe classroom disruption(s).

A grade of “W” (Withdrawal) will be recorded on your academic record for any course from which you were administratively withdrawn.

Generally, you will be notified of excessive absences. When absences jeopardize the successful completion of the course, the instructor may initiate a course withdrawal through seven-eighths (7/8) of the course duration.


  • Fall Semester - August through December
  • Spring Semester - January through May
  • Summer Semester - May through August

Student ID Card

KCC student ID cards are provided at all KCC registration locations and validated each semester. You must be currently registered and show a government-issued picture ID in order to obtain a KCC student ID card. A replacement card can be purchased for a fee.

KCC requires photo identification to utilize facilities, to obtain student information, to check out items in the Learning Resource Center (LRC), and to receive discounted rates at KCC events. Acceptable forms of photo identification are:

  • KCC ID card
  • Driver’s license
  • State ID card
  • U.S. military photo card
  • State or federal government-issued photo ID

Note: Clinical badges are not a form of ID.

Student Insurance

A sickness and injury insurance plan is available to you. The plan is underwritten by Sentry Student Security Plan and not subsidized by KCC. Applications are available in Student Services and administrative offices at the regional centers.

Support Services


The Support Services department exists to address the needs of students attending KCC. Primary goals include improved retention, academic and personal success, and graduation rates. Support Services implements intensive and comprehensive college-wide services. Services include: tutoring, disability, Special Populations Program (Carl D Perkins Vocational and Technical Education Act), Student Support Services Program (federally funded TRiO program), counseling, and veteran/active duty.

Support Services administers funds for the following grant programs: Special Populations and Student Support Services. In order to be eligible for funding, you must meet specific criteria and have received an award letter from the Financial Aid office for the current academic year.

Support Services may be reached at supportservices@kellogg.edu or 269-965-4150.

Tech Support

The Information Services (I.S.) department is available to support, encourage, and enhance your use of technology at KCC. The I.S. Help Desk, located in the Hub in the Student Center, provides you with assistance in the following areas: log-in and password problems, Bruin Portal, student email, course management systems, and wireless network access. You can contact the I.S. Help Desk at helpdesk@kellogg.edu or 269-965-4148.


All test takers, be it for academic or assessment purposes, are expected to adhere to the Student Code of Conduct.

Academic Testing

Academic testing, located in The Bridge, provides testing support for courses offered by the College. Testing support includes make-up, online, and credit by department exam.

Student Placement Testing

The Testing and Assessment Center provides placement testing for KCC courses. Contact the Testing and Assessment Center to schedule an appointment. A government-issued ID is required for testing.

If you are enrolling for the first time at Kellogg Community College, you may need to take one or more of the placement tests for mathematics, reading, and/or writing. The purpose of a placement test is to ensure you are properly placed into courses for which you are adequately prepared and have the most opportunity to succeed. Placement scores, or high school level coursework used to meet a prerequisite, must be less than five (5) years old. Placement testing is offered at the Testing and Assessment Center in the Ohm Information Technology Center and at the Eastern Academic, Fehsenfeld, and Grahl Centers. There is no fee for initial placement testing. Completing the placement test is required before you meet with an academic advisor to plan your initial class schedule.

Alternatives to Student Placement Testing

If you took the ACT, SAT, or PSAT assessment, you may choose to use those scores in lieu of taking the placement test. Scores must be less than five (5) years old. Some portions of the placement test may need to be completed even if you are using ACT, SAT, or PSAT scores. If you wish to use ACT, SAT, or PSAT scores, you will need to provide a copy of your scores to the College before you plan to register for classes.

Tutoring Services


If you are having trouble understanding the material in a class and have already met with the instructor and worked with fellow students, you should seek out Tutoring Services. Applications are online at http://www.kellogg.edu/services/student-support-services/tutoring/request-a-tutor/ or by contacting Support Services at tutoring@kellogg.edu or 269-965-4150.

Veteran Services


Veterans, active-duty military, and families seeking assistance may contact the Support Services department to access campus resources and services. Services include: tutoring, counseling, VetSuccess counseling, and referral to appropriate Veteran’s Affairs and community resources. Contact Support Services at supportservices@kellogg.edu or 269-965-4150 for further information.