2020-2021 Academic Catalog 
    Jul 24, 2024  
2020-2021 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

PTA 223 - Seminar in Physical Therapist Assisting

2 CR
A course designed to foster the integration of concepts and skills from previous courses with those gained in the clinical setting including a forum for discussion of clinical experiences. The course includes units on employability skills; communication; geriatrics; cultural diversity and its effects on health care; and the relationship of law, the code of ethics for the profession and standards of practice to the role of the physical therapist assistant. Current trends and issues in physical therapy are discussed along with the role of the professional organization for physical therapy. Assignments include considerable review, research and writing related to clinical experiences and evidenced-based practice with an emphasis on the psychological and sociological aspects of illness and injury. A cumulative final exam covering the Physical Therapist Assistant program content is included. Lab Fee

Additional Information: Formal admission to the Physical Therapist Assistant Program required.
Requisites: Take PTA 218 , PTA 219 , PTA 220 , and PTA 221  with at least a grade of C or P.
General Education Requirement: Personal and Cultural Engagement - Applied Core
Course Learning Outcomes:
  1. Describe information about the American Physical Therapy Association.
  2. Identify the implications of (1) the Code(s) of Ethics and associated guides for the conduct, (2) the Michigan Physical Therapy Practice Act, and (3) APTA policies for the practice of the physical therapist assistant.
  3. Interpret the role of the Physical Therapist Assistant to others.
  4. Apply for a position as a Physical Therapist Assistant using the acceptable form.
  5. Discuss concepts related to maintaining and terminating a job.
  6. Recognize the importance of communication for the effective functioning of physical therapy service.
  7. Appreciate the issues and problems pertaining to the aged and aging in our society.
  8. Recognize the implications of cultural diversity in the U.S. for health care in general and for the role of health care professionals in the delivery of quality health care to all individuals served by the health care systems.
  9. Discuss current trends and issues of interest to physical therapy as a profession and to the PT Assistant in particular.
  10. Study and discuss the TOTAL CARE of patients assigned to their care in the physical therapy clinical setting.
  11. Identify their own continuing education needs and take appropriate steps to meet those needs and share what was learned.
  12. Pass a written cumulative final examination covering the content of academic and clinical physical therapist assistant coursework in the curriculum.
  13. In conjunction with the “Student Reflection Portfolio” assignment outlined for students at the beginning of their participation in the Physical Therapist Assistant Program, the student will achieve each of the following by participating in and reflecting upon clinical, classroom, and/or outside activities which are relevant and appropriate to each objective.
  14. Demonstrate professional behaviors in the classroom, clinical, and course-related settings.