Dec 06, 2021  
2020-2021 Academic Catalog 
2020-2021 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

EEGT 132 - EEG Instrumentation 1

2 CR
This course provides a foundation for EEG instrumentation. Students will discuss the basic requirements of the EEG system. Topics will include amplifier settings, filters, chart speeds, calibration methods, system selections, and post-acquisition setting adjustments.

Additional Information: Formal admission to the Neurodiagnostic Technologist Program required.
Requisites: Take EEGT 100 , EEGT 101 , EEGT 102 , and EEGT 120  with at least a grade of C.
Course Learning Outcomes:
  1. Describe the function of each component found in the electroencephalograph.
  2. Discuss Ohms Law and it’s important to EEG.
  3. Discuss montages and the various types.
  4. Demonstrate the acceptable calibrated settings for EEG data collection.
  5. Discuss filters and their use in diagnostic testing.