2020-2021 Academic Catalog 
    Apr 12, 2024  
2020-2021 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

EDUC 252 - Field Experience 1

1 CR
Students will need to successfully pass a criminal background check and a State of Michigan Department of Human Services Child Abuse and Neglect Registry (CANR) according to College and Department policy. This course provides an opportunity for the student interested in the profession of teaching to gain experience in a local school system.

Additional Information: Department approval required.
Requisites: Take EDUC 200 .
Course Learning Outcomes:
  1. Implement your role as an education professional in work habits, knowledge of the field, and interactions with students and staff.
  2. Assist classroom staff to gain an understanding of roles, responsibilities, and classroom procedures.
  3. Show respect toward students in all interactions and establish an accepting social and emotional environment.
  4. Practice appropriate guidance strategies, such as conflict resolution, encouragement, and problem-solving.
  5. Seek opportunities and experiences to promote professional growth.
  6. Design and implement learning experiences and teaching strategies that provide for the inclusion of all students.
  7. Apply best practices and techniques when completing at least 20 clock-hours of field experience in a local school system.