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2020-2021 Academic Catalog 
2020-2021 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

ECE 237 - Young Children with Special Needs

3 CR
This course examines young children with disabilities and a variety of methods to help integrate them successfully into a program. Emphasis is on teaching modalities, curriculum, learning materials, environment, and personnel. The evaluation of an Individual Education Plan will be examined. This course is based on NAEYC standards for early childhood associate degree programs. Each student will be required to spend four (4) to six (6) clock hours completing field experience outside of scheduled class times which may include working with young children, families, and early childhood professionals. Lab Fee

Requisites: Next Gen ACCUPLACER® reading score of 244, or at least a grade of C in TSRE 55  or ENGL 151 .
Course Learning Outcomes:
  1. Contrast characteristics of different disabilities, developmental delays, and special abilities of young children ages birth to 8 years.
  2. Adapt instructional techniques to promote success for children with special needs.
  3. Identify appropriate and inappropriate strategies used in an inclusive environment.
  4. Characterize the importance of communicating with families and involving each family in assessing the child’s needs, setting individual goals, and updating the child’s progress in an ongoing manner.
  5. Compare IEP and IFSP, including the process, the family involvement, features that make the document well written, and the importance of following the team’s planning for each individual child with a disability.
  6. Analyze the laws related to children with disabilities, including the IDEA (and amendments) and ADA.
  7. Modify the early childhood classroom environment to target areas of challenge for young children with special needs.
  8. Value the feelings and needs of families with children with special needs.